About Us

Our Mission


Covert Beauty, LLC is an American-based brand whose mission is to empower its consumers by magnifying their hidden strengths and internal barriers. Covert Beauty encourages its consumers to declare their own depictions of what makes them individually beautiful and unique.

Our History


Covert Beauty began in 2018 with the agenda to minimize the need of utilizing the cosmetic industry to hide one’s imperfections or vulnerabilities and to embracing them. Covert Beauty believes this can be accomplished by providing a platform for people to share their vulnerabilities while inspiring others with their stories.

Our Core Values


Self-love, courage, empowerment, acceptance, and integrity are the foundation of our company, which sets us apart from many others of the cosmetic industry. By purchasing Covert Beauty products, you are encouraging others to present the adverse experiences of their lives, unapologetically. This means you are recognizing these individuals as survivors and not as victims!

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