The Strength Collection Presents

Operation Covert: Chapter One

This eyelash was inspired by the story of a female teen that suffered from depression and anxiety as a result of early childhood trauma. Her story highlights how she successfully recovered with not only therapy, but with natural supplements in place of psychiatric medications. 

Hear the story behind this eyelash on our podcast, It's Time To Uncovert, available on Spotify and YouTube


  • All eyelashes are inspired by the stories and testimonies of real people with real experiences.
  • We respect the courage demonstrated by our consumers and have no intent to expose their stories for purposes of ridicule or criticism.
  • We select and feature stories or testimonies that align with our core values, with no bias regarding the consumer’s race, gender, religion or other demographics.

It's time to uncovert - the podcast

Hear the story behind the lash on our podcast, It's Time to Uncovert, on Spotify and YouTube!